About Us

We are two young entrepreneurs who embarked on an exciting adventure. It’s that simple.

The inspiration for our project arose from the limited options available for outdoor activities in the area. While the Montaña Palentina offers incredible resources, we noticed that many people without their own gear were missing out on a lot of the fun that this area has to offer.

Having spent a significant part of our lives in Cervera de Pisuerga, we have developed an intimate knowledge of the area and have a deep appreciation for its natural beauty, rich heritage, and endless possibilities. Therefor, right from the start, we knew that our project had to be environmentally responsible and involve the local community. It is our collective responsibility to preserve and promote our Natural Park.

Fueled by our passion and clear vision, we eagerly set out to make our ideas a reality.

Today, we continue to expand our projects, create unforgettable experiences, and ensure that once you discover the wonders

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