Gothic and Romanesque in La Peña

Route Description

To the south of the limestone masses of Peña Redonda and Peña Cantoral, within the municipality of Castrejón de la Peña, we find one of the best collections of Romanesque and Gothic art in the Palencia Mountains.

We start our journey from the spectacular Gothic temple of Santa Águeda. After walking through the streets of Castrejón, we will head east along a wide track until we reach Loma de Castrejón, where we will be greeted by the Church of San Juan.

Next, we will visit Cubillo de Castrejón, where, after crossing the road with caution, we can choose to extend the route to the town of Cantoral de la Peña, where we can admire the details of the simple Church of Santa Ana, or head north, crossing the “La Robla” railway line. After a few meters, we will turn west towards Traspeña, which will welcome us with its majestic cross and surprise us with its incomparable Church of the Transfiguration.

Without altering our course, we will arrive at Villanueva de la Peña, and after crossing it, we will change direction to the south until we reach Pisón de Castrejón with its Romanesque Church of the Assumption. After a brief stop in its urban center, we will continue eastward until we reach Castrejón de la Peña once again.


Municipality: Castrejón de la Peña

Town: Castrejón de la Peña

Location: Church Square

Altitude: 1,121 meters


Latitude: 42.80769431532777
Longitude: -4.599187464942929


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