La despensa del abad

(The Abbot’s Pantry)

Route Description

In the Middle Ages, the Rubagón River Valley was part of a group of villages called the “alfoz”, which were under the control of the Marquises of Aguilar and the abadengo of Santa María la Real. In that area, there was a small church known as the Monastery of Cella. Later on, around the 13th century, it was renamed Cilla Mayor, which referred to a pantry or grain storage place where they kept taxes like tithes, first fruits, and other goods.

After taking a short walk in Cillamayor, we make our way to the train station, cross the tracks, and start a gentle climb along the first path on the right. This path runs beneath the hillside, heading west parallel to the “La Robla” railway. It will lead us to Matamorisca, where we begin a section among oak and beech trees known as the “Camino de las Tenadas” before descending to the small village of Quintanilla de Corvio.

We continue through the narrow valley of the Corvio stream until we reach the village itself. Along the way, we pass by an old sandstone quarry and get a glimpse of the Santiuste necropolis, which is quite impressive. From Corvio, we follow the tracks to Matalbaniega, where we are welcomed by a beautiful Romanesque church. Once we leave, we take the eastward path towards the town of Nestar. After crossing the road and following an asphalted path, we arrive near the Roman bridge called Puente Perdiz, which spans the Rubagón River.

After exploring the bridge, we cross it again and head north along the well-known Calzada de los Blendios (GR-73) until we reach Cordovilla de Aguilar by road. From there, we descend rapidly in a westerly direction from the church until we reach Villavega de Aguilar. Finally, we can continue following the “Pedaling the Romanesque” route to return to the starting point.

Alternatively, for a more comfortable option, you can continue on the bike lane to Cillamayor.

Note: Along this route, you might encounter signs from the “Pedaling the Romanesque” route.


Municipality: Barruelo de Santullán

Town: Cillamayor

Location: Iglesia Santa María la Real

Altitude: 952 meters


Latitude: 42.862423954584635
Longitude: -4.277885591995982


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