Los valles del Burejo

(The valleys of Burejo)

Route Description

Between the foothills of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Meseta, we find an extensive plain of detrital plateaus, through which various rivers flow, including the Burejo River. Along with its small tributary streams, it has created small valleys or meadows with little symmetry, destined for cultivation and surrounded by wooded areas with holm oaks, common oaks, and junipers. As the terrain becomes gentler, poplar and elm plantations become more frequent.

We start heading east, towards the Church of San Pelayo, in search of the trail that starts next to it. Without deviating from our course, we tackle the steep slope up to Lastra, where we can enjoy magnificent views. We then descend to the valley traversed by the Valdeur stream, where we leave the route of the Lebaniego Way and continue southwest for a few kilometers through cultivated fields and pastures. After a brief winding path, we will reach the valley formed by the Perales and Vallejos streams, where vegetation becomes more evident.

Continuing south, we will arrive at the village of Amayuelas de Ojeda. After a short stroll through its streets, we reach the road that will take us peacefully along the Burejo River, surrounded by poplar groves, until we reach the access to Pisón de Ojeda. After visiting Pisón de Ojeda, we will head northwest, taking advantage of the path of the Natural Route of Romanesque Art in Palencia, gradually ascending through the bucolic valley of the Arroyo de los Moros, surrounded by oaks and common oaks, until we reach the town of Colmenares.

As we leave Colmenares, the route becomes steep again to overcome the San Millán area, and once we pass it, we can follow a straight path to Dehesa.

Note: Along this route, you may find coinciding signage for the following trails:

  • Natural Route of Romanesque Art in Palencia
  • Lebaniego Way


Municipality: Dehesa de Montejo

Town: Dehesa de Montejo

Location: Plaza de la Fuente

Altitude: 1.095 meters


Latitude: 42.81977593077906
Longitude: -4.510012430681172


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