Along the Carrión River Valley

Route Description

The waters of the Carrión River, after passing through the narrow “bottleneck” formed by the Sierra del Brezo and the last foothills of the eastern mountains of León, enter an area of the plateau where its course widens. This terrain is formed by sands and fluvial materials carried by the river, suitable for agricultural exploitation, known as “la vega” (the meadow).

The route heads “downstream” along the left bank of the Carrión to access the area known as “El Soto” and follow its course through a wooded area formed by reforested pine and poplar trees until reaching Mantinos. We cross the streets of the village, and upon leaving, we take a whitish track that will lead us to Villalba de Guardo.

Upon arrival, we cross the bridge over the Carrión and travel for a kilometer along a street and a small bike lane. We reach an oak grove and deviate onto the forest track that ventures into a lush forest. We will ride parallel to the route of the Villalba canal until we reach the vicinity of Mantinos.

We cross the Carrión again to reach the center of the village through a quiet road that
passes by a recreational park. After crossing the urban area, we return to Guardo through
the same section used on the way, although this time before reaching the starting point, we pass through the small orchards and estates of El Arroyal.


Municipality: Guardo

Town: Guardo

Location: Parque de Fuentes Carrionas

Altitude: 1.092 meters


Latitude: 42.790063947887056
Longitude: -4.849114746032683


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