Route Description

At the foot of the C-626 road, near Dehesa de Montejo, you will find the parking area where the route to La Tejeda de Tosande begins. Next to it, El Jardín de la Tejeda, an ideal interpretive space that will help you learn more about La Tejeda and the Tosande Valley. We leave the garden and take the trail downhill until we cross under the La Robla railway (Bilbao-León), soon finding the normally dry bed of the Arroyo de Tosande, which we will now ascend towards the valley of the same name. Following the trail, we will pass by the spoil heaps of a former abandoned mine, and then through a very beautiful limestone narrows, to reach the track that leads to the valley.

The track ventures into the valley, amidst abundant and varied vegetation, transitioning from Mediterranean holm oak groves to oak forests and then to beech forests in a short time. After passing through a narrow section, the Valle de Tosande opens up, revealing an idyllic landscape covered in meadows. Megalithic tumuli, funerary structures created by the first shepherds of the Cantabrian Mountains around 4,000 years ago, stand out. In the background, a cabin can be seen, but we do not need to go all the way there. Instead, we have to turn left, entering the beech forest that covers the slope of Peña Oracada (1,818m). During the leafy season, the Tejeda goes unnoticed from the outside, while in winter, when the leaves are absent, the dark crowns of the yews among the beech trees are revealed.

Once inside the beech forest, to reach La Tejeda de Tosande, we must ascend the ravine that we find on our right as we enter the forest. This section has eighty-six natural steps that we can climb, resting on the benches along the way if necessary. After this stretch, we continue along the contour line until we enter La Tejeda.

Throughout the route, but particularly within La Tejeda, for conservation purposes, we must never leave the trail. From here, we can appreciate the exceptional yews, some with diameters of over 145 cm, indicating trees that are close to a millennium old, while others have heights of over 15 meters. Along the walk, we can observe centuries-old yews and discover truly beautiful and mysterious spots, perfect for inspiring tales and legends. Afterwards, we need to head southeast and exit the forest, passing through an area that offers a panoramic view of the valley and its surroundings from a height of over 1,400 meters, making it the highest point of the entire route. From here, we descend through another ravine, where we will encounter an admirable holly grove, which can be enjoyed from spring to mid-autumn, as this descent will remain closed during the remaining months.


Municipality: Dehesa de Montejo

Town: Dehesa de Montejo

Location: Jardín de la Tejeda

Altitude: 1.065 meters


Latitude: 42.83740566192188
Longitude: -4.517566855122101


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