Vuelta a Monte Bernorio

Route Description

Mount Bernorio is a really fascinating historical and archaeological site because of where it’s located. It’s situated where the Pisuerga, Valdivia, and Valderredible valleys meet. At the top of the mountain, there’s a perfect defensive spot where you can still see the remains of one of the most important cities of the ancient Cantabrian people. The slopes of the mountain still have old religious and burial sites like rock churches and necropolises that were built by Christians during the Reconquista.

To explore Mount Bernorio, we start in Pomar de Valdivia and head north on a road. After a while, we leave the road and continue on a path through fields until we reach Helecha de Valdivia. From there, we keep going north, gradually gaining height until we can see the neighboring Valderredible valley. Then, we go down through an oak grove until we’re close to Quintanilla de las Torres.

From Quintanilla, we head south, passing through more fields, towards Porquera de los Infantes. This town has a small necropolis at the entrance, which is worth checking out. In the town square with a washhouse and fountain, we change direction and start going up a track towards Villarén de Valdivia.

We cross the entire town of Villarén heading east until we find the cemetery. From there, we go down a path that leads to the road to the Cueva de los Franceses (Cave of the French). We follow the road for about 300 meters and then turn towards Báscones de Valdivia. We cross the Covalagua River and soon after, we head northeast through vast fields in search of the Puentetoma path, which will take us back to Pomar de Valdivia.


Municipality: Pomar de Valdivia

Town: Pomar de Valdavia

Location: Plaza de la Iglesia

Altitude: 945 meters


Latitude: 42.77420769875018
Longitude: -4.168625416638633


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